Car Ignition Jammed in Vancouver

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You can start your car, but can’t get the key out? Your key is broken and half of it is still inside the ignition?

When you have problems with the ignition – better avoid trying to solve them yourself,  ignition systems are one of the most complicated in a vehicle and professional treatment is recommended.

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When something like this happens, DIY attempts to fix it may only damage the ignition:

  • Car key stuck in the ignition
  • Broken key needs to be extracted from the ignition
  • Key won’t go in the ignition

In addition, if you need a spare car key made or are stranded because of a lost car key, we can make you a key on the spot! Check here 

Standard vehicle to high end luxury cars, we service and unlock them all and we’re just minutes away.

Furthermore, we also provide emergency car lock out service. Check here

Anytime you need service for ignition, car key, car lock out or more, we are available 24/7. Further, we have the fastest response time in Vancouver and the surrounding areas. What ever service you need and where ever you need the service, we are here to assist you, immediately!

Moreover, don’t try to play professionals and take your chances with the most complicated and important system your car has! It’s not worth it!

After all, 24/7 Vancouver Locksmith is here to get everything done for you 24 hours a day! Call us for a free estimate any time!