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lock change

Your lock doesn’t work as it should and you need it changed today? Or even tonight?

Need a professional locksmith in Vancouver to make the front door a safer place to be?

Locksmith Vancouver technicians are ready to come whenever you call us, day or night!

Simply dial (604) 800-3305 and your lock change will take place in 15-30 minutes!

Lock Change – A Professional Service

A lock change will be needed in the following cases:

  • Lock doesn’t work properly
  • Key broken and stuck in the lock
  • Security upgrade
  • Lock drilled in order to get inside the house

Need More Security?

Feeling doubtful and insecure? A high quality deadbolt lock is the way to go. We recommend the Hercular by Mul-T-lock.

This lock body is made from solid brass, which is very strong and will have them thinking twice about trying to force open your door.

With the above lock, they give you a steel cup to insert under your strike plate.

Or if you get another lock, you will need to change the deadbolt strike plate with one that has full metal enclosure, reinforcing the lock.

Another thing is to fortify your doors’ strike plate, adding a layer of steel to help prevent your door frames from splitting.

Install a new steel door, especially if you have a hollow door, we can help you with this at door repair Vancouver

Furthermore, you will want to make sure your door swings into your place so that there are no door hinges hanging out where someone could take them apart.

No matter what kind of lock is installed on your house door, we’ll be there within the next 15-30 minutes to install a new one!

ENTR Smart Lock by Mul-T-Lock – 24 Hour Lock Change Service- Locksmith Vancouver


Yes we can install that kind of high security lock for you as well!