Lock Rekey Service in Vancouver

Lock rekey – You lost your home key and want it to be replaced by a new one, so if the key is found by someone else – he won’t be able to penetrate your property?

Wait! Nowadays it’s not a necessity! If you have a lock that is not broken – a lock rekey is possible, and it a faster, cheaper and simply better solution for you!

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A lock rekey is a code change inside of the lock itself. It means that your lock will be completely different from the inside and the old key won’t open it.

This option is perfect for those who lost their keys and want to retrieve the security at maximum speed and minimum price!

Commercial Rekeying

You want to rekey your locks so that only certain authorized personnel have access.

Rekeying is the process of removing the part of the lock the key goes into and changing it to work with a new key.

If you are moving into a new establishment, we can give you a free estimate whenever you call us.

This is highly recommended so that the previous key holders cannot gain entry.

Residential Rekeying Service

Locksmith Vancouver highly recommend that you rekey any new home or property you buy.

This ensures that only you and the people you know will be able to enter.

If you are having a change of tenants, it would also be prudent to rekey before the new tenants arrive.

Lock rekeying is possible to be done by Vancouver Locksmith technicians 24 hours a day!

Remember – the lock rekey option is available only if your lock is working properly.

If the lock is completely broken – there’s no other choice but to do a lock change, which also can be done by our techs!